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Riggers Gloves

Safety gloves - riggers

$97.68inc GST $83.16 incl GST per pack of 12

Classic cowhide riggers glove. Available in sizes L-XXL...


Edge Smoke Lens

Safety glasses

$196.42inc GST $147.31 incl GST per pack of 12

Frontier safety spectacle - Edge smoke lens...

ProductsStainless SteelWire Rope FittingsBridco Stainless Steel Bevelled Washers

Bridco Stainless Steel Bevelled Washers

Stainless steel bevelled washer and threaded fitting Stainless steel bevelled washer


AISI 316. For use on stairways where a through post fitting such as a tensioner or terminal is being used. Also available are nylon washers for tight fight between bevelled washer and tensioner


Part Number Model Dimensions (mm) Angle
D1 D2 L
WA06.0B3BR SS-7702-01 6 13 11 35 Degree
WA08.2B3BR SS-7702-02 8.2 13 11 35 Degree
WA06.0C3BR SS-7702-01R 6 13 11 35 Degree
WA08.2C3BR SS-7702-02R 8.2 13 11 35 Degree